Review: IONutrition Meal Delivery


Want fast but healthy meals? Hey, Rose here, and I have a wonderful item for you. Well, it isn’t an item so much as a service.  IONutrition is a meal delivery plan where customers receive gourmet meals they can heat in their microwave. They send you a weekly delivery of vacuum-packed meals on trays that you pull [Read On]

Review: Pique Tea Crystals

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Pique Tea Crystals is exceptional tea in an instant Hey everyone, Rose here with another lovely review for you all. Drinking iced tea is one of my favorite past times, which means when I was asked to test out Pique tea crystals, I was more than willing to do so. Originally, I was told they [Read On]

Review: Candy Club Subscription Box

Candy Club

Sweet treats for a sweet price – Candy Club. Hey everyone, Rose here with another review for you. I have another subscription box to share with you. This time, it is from The Candy Club. I know I have seen them around for a while and I just got around to testing them for you. They [Read On]

Book Review: Grimms’ Fairy Tales-color in classic

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Hi everyone, Rose here with a book review. I have one of those ‘adult’ coloring books which seem to be all the rage around town. Now, I can see teens or kids maybe liking some of these pages. The book is not limited to just the adults,  though some pictures are very detailed. Each page [Read On]

Review: Bridgford Shelf Stable Pocket Sandwich

Bridgford Shelf Stable Pocket Sandwich

Hey everyone, Rose here with a shelf stable sandwich review. I was contacted by to review one of these sandwiches made by Bridgford. Now, when I agreed they had four kinds for review. A Honey BBQ chicken, A Honey BBQ Beef, Italian style, and a sweet and sour soy. To my dismay, I received the sweet and sour soy. [Read On]

Review: T-Spray for Teeth & Oral Care Spray

T-Spray for teeth and oral care

T-Spray claims to freshen breath and help with oral care by preventing stains, killing bacteria, and protecting against cavities – all to give you a whiter, brighter smile. You Can Have Fresh Breath with T-Spray, what about Oral Care? Hey everyone, Rose here again. I was asked to review the T-Spray Teeth & Oral Care Spray.  I suffer [Read On]

Review: Peanuts Crochet Kit

Review Peanuts Crochet Kit

Review Peanuts Crochet Kit – How To – Do It Yourself:   I absolutely loved the Peanuts gang growing up, so when I was able to review this Peanuts Crochet kit by Thunder Bay Press I definitely had to snag it. I have absolutely no background in crochet so I am beyond a newbie at [Read On]

Review & Giveaway: Keysmart


KeySmart makes it easy to carry your keys without the bulk.   Keysmart will change the way you carry your keys. I’m happy to share this review on Mommiez on a Mission. My Thoughts about Keysmart: I’m sure I’m not the only one that has a lot of keys to carry around on a daily [Read On]

Review: Kandle by Ozeri Flex Reading Light in Black


    To say I am a bookworm is using the term incredibly lightly. I am an avid reader. So when I got the opportunity to try out the Kandle by Ozeri Flex Reading Light in Black, I was definitely interested! I love my Kindle but unfortunately I am not able to stay up and [Read On]

Review: Outer Spice Spices

OS Review

Review: Outer Spice Spices – I think my husband was more excited to receive the two containers of the Outer Spice seasoning solutions than I was. He is a bit of a kitchen and cooking aficionado and would like to go to culinary school some day in the future so I was not surprised to [Read On]