Review: TDS & amp; EC Meter: Test for Hard Water

Hard water

Hey everyone, Rose here with another product review. I have the TDS (Total Dissolved¬†Solids) & EC (Electric conductivity) Meter by HealthWiser. I am betting you are looking and wondering ‘what in the world is that thing’? Let me tell you, I was a little puzzled myself, and I still am. The TDS & EC Meter [Read On]

Book Review: Grimms’ Fairy Tales-color in classic

20160629_121238 copy

Hi everyone, Rose here with a book review. I have one of those ‘adult’ coloring books which seem to be all the rage around town. Now, I can see teens or kids maybe liking some of these pages. The book is not limited to just the adults, ¬†though some pictures are very detailed. Each page [Read On]

Review: Peanuts Crochet Kit

Review Peanuts Crochet Kit

Review Peanuts Crochet Kit – How To – Do It Yourself:   I absolutely loved the Peanuts gang growing up, so when I was able to review this Peanuts Crochet kit by Thunder Bay Press I definitely had to snag it. I have absolutely no background in crochet so I am beyond a newbie at [Read On]

Review: Transformers Rescue Bot: Dinobots!


There is a new Transformers Rescue DVD coming out!   Transformers is a long loved cartoon for kids. Mommiez on a mission is happy to share this review of the new Dinobots! DVD. My Thoughts about Transformers Rescue Bots: Dinobots! I remember as a child watching the Transformers. Transformers has always been a fun wholesome [Read On]

Review: Selfie On A Stick


Selfie on a stick makes taking a selfie easier than ever!   Selfie on a stick is a must have for anyone that loves taking selfies. I’m happy to bring you this review for Mommiez on a Mission. My Thoughts On the Selfie Stick: My daughter loves to take selfies of herself like a lot [Read On]