Review: TDS & amp; EC Meter: Test for Hard Water

Hard water

Hey everyone, Rose here with another product review. I have the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) & EC (Electric conductivity) Meter by HealthWiser. I am betting you are looking and wondering ‘what in the world is that thing’? Let me tell you, I was a little puzzled myself, and I still am. The TDS & EC Meter [Read On]

Review: Camouflage Blanket by Wyndham House


A blanket with a lot of warmth without a lot of space Hey, everyone Rose here with another product review. I was recently contacted by Wyndham House to test out and review one of their blankets. It is a camouflage design. Now, I am not much for camouflage, but my wife actually loves it even though she [Read On]

Review: Emma’s Chance – DVD

Emma's Chance

My family loves to watch family-friendly movies. We have watched several faith-based movies together. Regardless of the lower budget and lack of quality acting, we still find watching the movies uplifting. It is rare, however, that we find a movie with a definite moral message without the theme of Christianity. Sony Pictures has released the true [Read On]

Review: Copper Wire LED String Lights

Review: Copper Wire LED String Lights

Light up everything from your holidays to weddings and other festive occasions with the battery operated Copper Wire LED string lights in five colors. LED string lights for all occasions are here! Hey, Rose here with a lovely set of battery operated LED string lights for you all.  Now, this is a twin pack so you [Read On]

Review: T-Spray for Teeth & Oral Care Spray

T-Spray for teeth and oral care

T-Spray claims to freshen breath and help with oral care by preventing stains, killing bacteria, and protecting against cavities – all to give you a whiter, brighter smile. You Can Have Fresh Breath with T-Spray, what about Oral Care? Hey everyone, Rose here again. I was asked to review the T-Spray Teeth & Oral Care Spray.  I suffer [Read On]

Review: TENS Unit by Easy@Home

Tens Unit by Easy at Home

Now you can find relief with the easy@Home Electronic TENS Unit, the perfect pulse massager for those with chronic pain and nerve conditions. Hey Everyone! Rose here, with another review for you. I was asked to review this TENS Unit by Easy@Home. My dad used one back when he had shoulder surgery. I know they [Read On]

Review: Doodling Tree Huggers Doodle Book

doodling tree huggers

Doodling tree huggers and nature lovers, or anyone who loves the idea of doodling nature, the doodling book: Doodling for Tree Huggers and Nature Lovers is a book you are going to love! I spent enough time in the the forests and deserts of Arizona as a child, it’s a wonder I do not consider myself [Read On]

Review: Doodling Triangles with 100 Things to Draw With a Triangle

doodling triangles draw trianges

Doodling Triangles becomes a lot more fun when you use the 100 Things to Draw with a Triangle Doodling Book! Remember those days at school when you or someone in your class would sit and doodle on a notebook or a piece of paper.  Most teachers would get annoyed and think the doodler wasn’t listening [Read On]

Review: Heavy Duty Apple Peeler

Heavy Duty Apple Peeler

Apple Peeler, Slicer, Corers have been around for years. I remember using something like this Heavy Duty Apple Peeler as a little kid in the kitchen. It was a chore, but I didn’t feel like it was. I had fun spinning the apples through and looking at them like they were food-Slinkies. I love the solid [Read On]

Review: Paper Art: Send Something Beautiful

Review: Send Something Beautiful

Instead of sending a text or email – Send Something Beautiful! Mom’s always have a special way of making sure their kids feel loved. My mom would write notes and leave them for us to find.  The notes would express her love and were always written on some sort of special paper we could enjoy.  Over [Read On]