Save on SCOTT® Products at Dollar General with Easy to Use Digital Coupons #SaveOnScott

So, let’s be honest here. The products that you use in your bathroom can really determine how you feel during the day. If the products aren’t adequate – you aren’t going to feel clean. It’s important that the products are budget friendly – but also doing a GREAT job. For our family, that is where SCOTT® Products and Dollar General come in and save the day! With Dollar General and the easy to use Digital Coupons – we can all save on Scott Products!

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When you have a large family that consist of three teenagers, two toddlers, and three – four adults (depending on the day), you are going to use a lot of paper products. Even when you are trying to be conservative with them – that is still a lot of bathroom business being handled and a lot of hand washing and face cleaning going on. It is a requirement that products that are bought for our house are always quality products – but I also look for products that are going to allow me to save on them as well.




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If you like to save on products while shopping, you should certainly head to Dollar General to save on SCOTT® Products with the easy to use Dollar General Digital Coupons! You just have to clip them through the app (or your mobile browser). When you are ready to check out – just enter your phone number and your coupons will come off of your total! Couponing is a great way to save for your family, but I love the Dollar General Digital Coupons because I don’t have to worry about keeping up with them. They are all stored based on your phone number!



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There is a large selection of SCOTT® Products for you to purchase at Dollar General and you can even find SCOTT® Products bonus packs to help you get more bang for your buck! We have been long time shoppers of Dollar General and it is always so easy to find what we need there. We have also been long time users of the Scott Choose-A-Size paper towels because I love the fact that you can pull off the smaller sizes for the little kids and little messes – or you can pull off the larger sizes when you need to. For us, that means less waste and that they last longer. This was the first time that we have used Scott bathroom tissue in our house. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with it. It gets the job done, the softness is great, and I feel like the quality is certainly great for the price that you pay!


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