How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduce Allergies?

How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduce Allergies

How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduce Allergies?

Walking into a home with plush, clean carpet is an invitation to comfort. We just want to take off our shoes and dig our toes into the depths of its cushy goodness, and all too often our expectations are fulfilled. Whether it’s a retro shag, contemporary low pile, economical Berber, or a rich wool, well-placed carpet tends to transform a house into a home. Of course, with today’s onslaught of allergies and asthma sufferers, not taking proper care of your investment can exacerbate existing health conditions for anyone who spends time in your home. So many people try a DIY approach to cleaning their carpet only to end up with disappointment and further issues. Professional carpet cleaning is often the best and most cost effective solution to extending the life of your carpet. But why is that the case?


Professional Carpet Cleaning Removes Deep-Set Dirt and Other Pollutants

Unlike hard flooring, carpet collects dirt and other pollutants deep in the fibers and matting. Walk over a heavily soiled rug and a puff of dirty air will emerge. It’s easy to forget how much soil gets trapped in carpet due to busy families, walking in shoes, and pet ownership – just to name a few issues. Vacuuming helps, but it’s not enough to get out the deepest dirt. Toxic gas can attach to the dirt only to release with every step. And if food particles are deposited and ground into the fibers, you’re potentially looking at bacteria growth. Who wants that? Professional carpet cleaning provides a safe and effective solution via special cleaners, steam lifting, and commercial grade vacuum applications.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Kills Dust Mites

If you’re like most people, you’ve likely seen a dust bunny under your couch or bed. Those fluffy balls actually contain thousands of dust mites. These tiny white, spider-like critters can’t be seen by the naked eye; and once they infiltrate a room, home invasion is inevitable. You may be wondering what’s wrong with a few dust bunnies? Well, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), dust mites may be the most common allergy trigger. If you have consistent cold-like symptoms in your home, cough, wheeze, or feel chest tightening on a regular basis, chances are you have a dust allergy. Medications may help reduce the symptoms, but professional carpet cleaning kills the source.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Stop Mold Growth and Remove Existing Spores

It’s pretty gross when you think about what can be growing in your carpet – especially if you haven’t had it professionally cleaned in the past couple years. If your family contains little ones or food and beverages are permitted in carpeted areas, chances are bacteria and mold may be present. Mold does not grow on natural fibers such as wool. But it will form on wet padding, synthetic fibers, and trapped food. Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning uses the necessary high temperatures, strong cleaning agents, and high-powered drying equipment that stop mold right in its tracks and suck it right out of your home.

Carpet can be a beautiful addition to any home, but it is also the biggest residential-based filter. Personal cleaning is just not enough if you use your home for anything besides a showcase. Busy families all too often suffer from allergies, snoring, asthma, and sleep apnea – all signs that something’s lingering in your home. Why take that chance and put your or your children’s health at risk when professional carpet cleaning in Macomb, MI is a safe, effective, and affordable solution?


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