Review: Journey to Space Blu-ray

Journey to Space

The IMAX film Journey to Space is now available on Blu-Ray. Viewers enjoy the crisp, bright picture and the incredible graphics while learning about the Atlantis Shuttle retirement, ISS, and future interplanetary travel. NASA Program of Old: Students across the country kept track of NASA programs when I was a kid.  In school, we watched [Read On]

Review: Aurorae Lavender Aromatherapy Soy Candle

Aurorae Soy Candle

The Aurorea  Lavender Aromatherapy Soy Candle is ideal to help keep you calm and centered while you do your yoga workout. Aurorae is the one stop shop for all your yoga needs. One of the items they offer is the Aurorae  Lavender Aromatherapy Soy Candle. Readers will love learning more about this candle on Mommiez on a Mission. [Read On]

Review: Emma’s Chance – DVD

Emma's Chance

My family loves to watch family-friendly movies. We have watched several faith-based movies together. Regardless of the lower budget and lack of quality acting, we still find watching the movies uplifting. It is rare, however, that we find a movie with a definite moral message without the theme of Christianity. Sony Pictures has released the true [Read On]

Review: 175 Homemade Beauty Products

175 homemade beauty products

The complete guide to natural homemade beauty products & treatments has 175 recipes including scrubs, moisturizers, masks, and shampoos.  You will also find 60 full pages explaining how to take care of your body,  how to determine your skin type, ingredient definitions, and necessary supplies.  If you are looking for an all-around natural beauty guide, [Read On]

Review: 150 Mason Jar Meals: Fresh Food On-The-Go!

150 Mason Jar Meals: Fresh Food on-the-go

Mason Jar Meals are the perfect way to grab a fresh and healthy lunch with flavor instead of the traditional sandwich or left-overs. The 150 Best Meals in a Jar recipe book will have you eating fast and fresh from now on. Meet Tanya Linton: Tanya Linton first realized how much she enjoyed eating salads [Read On]

Review: Doodling Tree Huggers Doodle Book

doodling tree huggers

Doodling tree huggers and nature lovers, or anyone who loves the idea of doodling nature, the doodling book: Doodling for Tree Huggers and Nature Lovers is a book you are going to love! I spent enough time in the the forests and deserts of Arizona as a child, it’s a wonder I do not consider myself [Read On]

Review: Doodling Triangles with 100 Things to Draw With a Triangle

doodling triangles draw trianges

Doodling Triangles becomes a lot more fun when you use the 100 Things to Draw with a Triangle Doodling Book! Remember those days at school when you or someone in your class would sit and doodle on a notebook or a piece of paper.  Most teachers would get annoyed and think the doodler wasn’t listening [Read On]

Review: Zerowater Water Filtration Tumbler

Zerowater Water Filtration Tumbler

The Water Filtration Tumbler by Zerowater will remove dissolved solids from your drinking water, leaving you with nothing but, fresh, chemical-free, drinking water. Where I live . . . the tap water tastes like sludge, and to me, feels not much better when in my mouth.  I know of no one who willingly drinks it. [Read On]

Review: The Sweet Smell of Honeysuckle

Review: Sweet Smell of Honeysuckle

Coral Honeysuckle, a semi-evergreen, trellis-climbing plant from the south, gives off a sweet fragrance captured by Caswell-Massey in their sweet-smelling Honeysuckle bath soap, hand and body cream, and hand cream. If the fragrance doesn’t whisk you away to a beautiful spring day, the luxury will. Caswell-Massey Honeysuckle Products Honeysuckle Soap: There is something different about [Read On]

Review: Paper Art Pop-up Cards

Review: Paper Art Pop-up Cards

Create your own paper art Pop-up Cards with a little help from ten of the leading paper artists. Pop-up Cards is a wonderful instruction book with 30 card designs compiled by Emily Gregory.  The easy-to-follow instructions, with a basic tool guide and a basic techniques guide, opens the world of paper art pop-up cards and card-making [Read On]