Review: ZeroWater Pitcher

ZeroWater Pitcher

The ZeroWater Pitcher is a great way to keep filtered water in the fridge for your family! It gives you peace of mind knowing it filters out all the bad! ZeroWater is the newest product that helps filter your water at home and on-the-go. I especially like one of the newest products they offer, the [Read On]

Review: Aurorae Headbands

Review: Aurorae Headbands

Aurorae Headbands are a great item to have when working out or are doing yoga. It keeps your hair out of your face and allows you to focus! Aurorae offers some great items for your yoga workout. One of the items offered is Headbands. I love wearing my band when I workout and do yoga. [Read On]

Review: Flora and Fauna Coloring Book

Flora and Fauna Coloring Book

Everyone likes to color. With the “adult” coloring book fad on the rise, which includes more intricate designs and difficulty, you now have an excuse to steal your kids’ coloring utensils! When working on a coloring book, my go-to coloring tool is the colored pencil, nice even coloring without lines showing different directional strokes. I like [Read On]

Review: 175 Homemade Beauty Products

175 homemade beauty products

The complete guide to natural homemade beauty products & treatments has 175 recipes including scrubs, moisturizers, masks, and shampoos.  You will also find 60 full pages explaining how to take care of your body,  how to determine your skin type, ingredient definitions, and necessary supplies.  If you are looking for an all-around natural beauty guide, [Read On]

Review: 150 Mason Jar Meals: Fresh Food On-The-Go!

150 Mason Jar Meals: Fresh Food on-the-go

Mason Jar Meals are the perfect way to grab a fresh and healthy lunch with flavor instead of the traditional sandwich or left-overs. The 150 Best Meals in a Jar recipe book will have you eating fast and fresh from now on. Meet Tanya Linton: Tanya Linton first realized how much she enjoyed eating salads [Read On]

Review: Zero Water Silver Tumbler

Review Zero Water Silver Tumbler

With the Zero Water Silver Tumbler filtering cup, you can have clean, fresh tasting water almost anywhere. The Silver Tumbler from Zero Water makes it more convenient to have clean water almost anywhere you go. I’m excited to tell you about it here on Mommiez on a Mission. About Zero Water Silver Tumbler: Zero Water carries [Read On]