Do you ACTUALLY know the Law of the Land? + Giveaway


As a mom it’s critical to be up to speed on US laws, especially when its mostly up to you to teach your children what’s legally okay and what’s not. It’s surprising how many people actually ask themselves “Is that actually legal?” Too often we go through our everyday lives so sure that we know [Read On]

Four Things to Know About Radon

Four Things to Know About Radon

Four Things to Know About Radon   Many people are not aware of what radon is, nor how dangerous it can be. The following are just a few important things to understand about radon and how it may affect your family. What Radon Is Radon is a naturally occurring element. For those who took chemistry [Read On]

Review: Doodling Tree Huggers Doodle Book

doodling tree huggers

Doodling tree huggers and nature lovers, or anyone who loves the idea of doodling nature, the doodling book: Doodling for Tree Huggers and Nature Lovers is a book you are going to love! I spent enough time in the the forests and deserts of Arizona as a child, it’s a wonder I do not consider myself [Read On]

Review: Doodling Triangles with 100 Things to Draw With a Triangle

doodling triangles draw trianges

Doodling Triangles becomes a lot more fun when you use the 100 Things to Draw with a Triangle Doodling Book! Remember those days at school when you or someone in your class would sit and doodle on a notebook or a piece of paper.  Most teachers would get annoyed and think the doodler wasn’t listening [Read On]