How You Can Earn More Money for Your School at Winn Dixie #eBoxTopsatWinnDixie


  How You Can Earn More Money for Your School at Winn Dixie It’s a very well known fact that school are always in need of more money and of course it’s understandable! An education is one of the most important things that a person can get and having a school underfunded is a problem. [Read On]

Recipe: Chicken Fajita Boats #GameDayFavorites #OEPGameDay

Game Day Favorites Old El Paso

  Chicken Fajita Boats #GameDayFavorites #OEPGameDay When it comes to football games and our family – it is always a big deal. With the football game comes all kinds of delicious foods that we have the option to make! We were so excited to get the chance to team up with Old El Paso, Avocados [Read On]

Review: AQUEDUCK Bath Faucet Extender

AQUEDUCK Bath Faucet Extender

Make Bath time fun with the Aqueduck Bath Spout Extender. This bath faucet extender will give you the flow of water you need at bath time, while being safe and fun for kids! We all know how hard it can be to give a bath to an infant or toddler! I know, personally, I always struggle [Read On]

DIY: Valentine’s Day Love Bugs


DIY: Valentine’s Day Love Bugs Kids love getting crafty around the Valentine’s Day season. It is a great way for them to stay active and create something they can give to someone they love. This year, give these easy peasy Valentine’s Day Love Bugs a try. They are so simple to make and can be [Read On]

Save on SCOTT® Products at Dollar General with Easy to Use Digital Coupons #SaveOnScott


So, let’s be honest here. The products that you use in your bathroom can really determine how you feel during the day. If the products aren’t adequate – you aren’t going to feel clean. It’s important that the products are budget friendly – but also doing a GREAT job. For our family, that is where [Read On]

3 Simple Changes to Make Your Life Healthier #ProgressWithProgresso

3 Simple Changes to Make Your Life Healthier #ProgressWithProgresso

  3 Simple Changes to Make Your Life Healthier #ProgressWithProgresso   1. Drink Water! When you start drinking more water, your body will start to feel more healthy very quick! If you drink a lot of soda and switch to water, you are also cutting out a lot of sugar in your diet! Since our [Read On]

4 Tips for Staying True to Your Saving’s Resolutions

Tips for Staying True to Your Saving’s Resolutions

4 Tips for Staying True to Your Saving’s Resolutions It’s a New Year and that means it’s the perfect time to try incredibly hard to stick to your saving’s resolutions. Saving money isn’t always easy, but it’s possible if you have the right tools. Let’s dig into how we can all stay true to our [Read On]

Review: Heavy Duty Apple Peeler

Heavy Duty Apple Peeler

Apple Peeler, Slicer, Corers have been around for years. I remember using something like this Heavy Duty Apple Peeler as a little kid in the kitchen. It was a chore, but I didn’t feel like it was. I had fun spinning the apples through and looking at them like they were food-Slinkies. I love the solid [Read On]

Review: Aurorae Fitness Resistance Bands

Aurorae Fitness Resistance Bands

Start your new year off right with the Aurorae Fitness Resistance Bands! I wanted to get an early start on my New Year’s resolution of getting physically fit, and the resistance bands by Aurorae Fitness was the perfect way for me to get started! This set includes five different resistance bands which are color-coded so you [Read On]

Review: Ozeri Turtlemeter

Ozeri Turtlemeter

Adorable and affordable bath time Turtlemeter thermometer will keep you and baby happy! There is nothing worse than having to worry about the bath water being too hot or miserably cold for your children.  The Turtlemeter is a great way to make sure the water is perfect every time! As a military family we move [Read On]