Review: Lilac Jackpot Candles

Lilac Jackpot Candles

The Lilac Jackpot Candles has such a beautiful smell it will make your house smell of amazing spring days with Lilac bushes to help relax you! Then you get a surprise piece of Jewelry! Jackpot Candles are great candle that is two gifts in one! I had the chance to review the Lilac Jackpot Candles! I loved [Read On]

Review: MunchPak

MunchPak Subscription Box

MunchPak Subscription Box brings snacks from all around the world right to your door step for an amazing prices from $9.95 a month! MunchPak Subscription Box  is a monthly box you can have shipped to your door.It is Packed full of goodness! I am so excited to tell you about it on Mommiez on a [Read On]

Review: No-Ad Sport Sunscreen Stick


  Sun safety is very important and No-Ad Sport Sunscreen has you covered. My kids are very active during the summer and sometimes it can be a challenge to get them to put sunscreen on. They don’t want to have to wait while you squeeze it from the tube. The answer is the No-Ad Sport [Read On]

Review: Littlest Pet Shop Paws For Applause


My kids are fans of Littlest Pet Shop so when Paws for Applause came out I was so excited to be able to review it with them. Synopsis: Blythe and her best friends from Mrs. Twombly’s Littlest Pet Shop are back for more off-the-wall pet adventures! Join Zoe the spaniel, Pepper the skunk, Sunil the mongoose, [Read On]

Review: NSSTAR iPhone 4/4S Case


  These protective phone cases by NSSTAR (TM) are not only super adorable, but they are also really well made. I received one of the NSSTAR iPhone 4/4S Cases in the Star Blue color to review and absolutely love it. I am kind of obsessed with it now actually. I love how the glitter and stars sparkle with every change in position [Read On]

Review: NSSTAR iPhone 6 Plus Case – Floating Stars and Sparkles

NSSTAR iPhone 6 Plus Case -01

I love having multiple cases for my Smartphone.  I like to change the look of my phone often and besides changing the background on my phone, the only other way to do this is to change cases. Since I got an iPhone 6 Plus in January, I have only gotten one case.  So when I [Read On]

Review: White Dandelion Lovers iPhone 5S Case by NSSTAR

iPhone 5s Case

The White Dandelion Lovers iPhone 5S Case by NSSTAR is much more than just a case. On top of being cute, it has protected my phone from damage, given me a place to keep my credit cards, and has turned my phone into a small entertainment center with the built-in stand. This case is made [Read On]

Review: BlueDriver Diagnostic Tool

Review: BlueDriver Diagnostic Tool

I received the BlueDriver Diagnostic tool pretty quickly, and instantly fell in love with this little gadget! To run the diagnostic tool, you need a smartphone with Bluetooth, and the FREE downloadable app BlueDriver. Once you download the application and turn on your Bluetooth, you simply plug the little device into the (excuse the technical [Read On]

Review: ETOU Faux Leather Flip Case


Everyone needs a phone case, especially gravity challenged people like me! But, one thing no one needs is a ratty, shredding, cracking, or cheaply made waste of money that so many companies make. So, I now present to you, the ETOU Faux Leather Flip Case! It is BEAUTIFUL people! But not only that, it’s slick, [Read On]

Review: Ozeri WeightMaster ZB-21W

Ozeri Weight Master

One of the keys to weight loss is tracking your progress. One of the keys to preventing weight gain is to know when you are gaining. The Ozeri Weight Master gives you a little help on both counts by storing your previous weight and showing the trend over time. Another great feature is that it [Read On]