Review: Zymbol – Women’s Black Leather Wrap Bracelet


Let me just start by saying, that when I first seen the Zymbol products all I could think was “Well, okay, those are interesting.” Then I watched the video below about the family and now I’m pretty excited that I was given the opportunity to review their product: all opinions are my own. My absolute [Read On]

Review: Lifeway Veggie Kefir Drinks

20150305_140022 (1)

When the offer to review Lifeway Veggie Kefir came up I knew that I would have to try this. I was given the choice of flavors: cucumber, tomato and beet. Since my whole family loves cucumbers I knew that was the one that I wanted to try. Imagine my surprise when I found out that [Read On]

Review: Zymbol Wrap and Tuck Bracelet

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As a mother, children are special to my heart and I hate to hear a child has been hospitalized. As a nurse, I know it can be rough on the families as well as the child. So, I love when companies are willing to help provide rays of hope, love and inspiration to a child [Read On]

Review: NO-AD Skin Care Anti Aging Body Lotion with SPF

  I am so happy that Spring is now upon us and I can finally get out of hibernation and enjoy outdoor activities with my friends and family.  I love spending long days at the park, having cook-outs, gardening, and just enjoying walks in the sun. Unfortunately, the sun can be damaging and cause harsh [Read On]

Review: Cordskinz


My husband and I recently started going to the YMCA to work out. I was so tired of messing with my tangled head phones that I was apparently too lazy to keep putting back in the container that came with them every time we worked out. I’d just throw them in my gym bag and [Read On]

Review: Poli Easy Clean Sippy Cup

Poli Sippy Cup Mommiez on a Mission

I would like to introduce you to the Poli Easy Clean Sippy Cup. As parents we all fight the sippy cup battle on a daily basis. From following through with the proper care instructions, to finding all of the correct parts that fit together, using sippy cups can be a huge pain. When you have [Read On]

Review: All Hail King Julien


  We are HUGE Madagascar fans, or as Jr. says “Maga-das-car”, close enough right? When we saw that there are NEW episodes coming to Netflix, I knew I would have to keep it under wraps until they were released, so he wouldn’t drive me bonkers asking to watch them! We were gifted with the ability to watch [Read On]