Lighting for Outdoor Living


Lighting for Outdoor Living Homeowners who want to maximize the use of their property often find great ways to utilize their outdoor spaces as additional living space. During the day, any homeowner can enjoy living, entertaining and relaxing in this space. For nighttime use, homeowners will want to have a contemporary outdoor lighting scheme designed [Read On]

Baby Food Jar Bud Vase


Baby Food Jar Bud Vase If you are planning a baby shower, wedding shower, or garden party, you will want to give these baby food jar bud vases a try! They are so sweet and simple to make, and they are sure to add a fresh pop of color to your table. Take a look [Read On]

Parenting Tips| Parenting and the Internet


  Parenting and the Internet Since the arrival of the internet, parenting duties now include teaching your children about internet safety. More children are spending their leisure time indoors because of the internet and gaming experience. Studies have shown that kids can suffer from online game addiction. Lower school grades and loss of interest in [Read On]

Spring DIY: Easy Owl Organizational Clips


Spring DIY: Easy Owl Organizational Clips Do you love whimsical owls or know someone who does? If so then you must give this easy and inexpensive owl organizational clips a try! This simple craft takes just minutes to make and is so budget friendly. In no time you will have owl clips perfect for keeping [Read On]

Dollar Tree Desserts: Elephant Ears with Pineapple Apricot Sauce


Dollar Tree Desserts: Elephant Ears with Pineapple Apricot Sauce Did you know a tasty, fun fair dessert could be cooked right in your own kitchen using dollar store ingredients? Below, you will find everything you need to know to make your own elephant ears with pineapple apricot sauce, a tasty dish made from exclusively Dollar [Read On]

DIY: Easy Button Magnets


Easy Button Magnets Your office or home organizational center can get an instant facelift when you add these easy button magnets to the mix. Easy to make and inexpensive to create, these button magnets add the perfect punch of color. Hang them on your fridge, desk, or anywhere you need a little help holding things [Read On]

Should I Get My Deck Cleaned Professionally?


  Should I Get My Deck Cleaned Professionally? Naturally, a homeowner with a wooden deck wants to keep it in excellent condition. That’s why many homeowners choose to have their wooden decks professionally cleaned. Cleaning a deck brings out the natural beauty in the wood. This is especially desirable for a homeowner who loves to [Read On]