Review: Journey to Space Blu-ray

Journey to Space

The IMAX film Journey to Space is now available on Blu-Ray. Viewers enjoy the crisp, bright picture and the incredible graphics while learning about the Atlantis Shuttle retirement, ISS, and future interplanetary travel. NASA Program of Old: Students across the country kept track of NASA programs when I was a kid.  In school, we watched [Read On]

How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduce Allergies?

How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduce Allergies

How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduce Allergies? Walking into a home with plush, clean carpet is an invitation to comfort. We just want to take off our shoes and dig our toes into the depths of its cushy goodness, and all too often our expectations are fulfilled. Whether it’s a retro shag, contemporary low pile, [Read On]

Review: Pique Tea Crystals

File_001 (1)

Pique Tea Crystals is exceptional tea in an instant Hey everyone, Rose here with another lovely review for you all. Drinking iced tea is one of my favorite past times, which means when I was asked to test out Pique tea crystals, I was more than willing to do so. Originally, I was told they [Read On]

Review: Candy Club Subscription Box

Candy Club

Sweet treats for a sweet price – Candy Club. Hey everyone, Rose here with another review for you. I have another subscription box to share with you. This time, it is from The Candy Club. I know I have seen them around for a while and I just got around to testing them for you. They [Read On]

Review: Aurorae Lavender Aromatherapy Soy Candle

Aurorae Soy Candle

The Aurorea  Lavender Aromatherapy Soy Candle is ideal to help keep you calm and centered while you do your yoga workout. Aurorae is the one stop shop for all your yoga needs. One of the items they offer is the Aurorae  Lavender Aromatherapy Soy Candle. Readers will love learning more about this candle on Mommiez on a Mission. [Read On]

Review: Emma’s Chance – DVD

Emma's Chance

My family loves to watch family-friendly movies. We have watched several faith-based movies together. Regardless of the lower budget and lack of quality acting, we still find watching the movies uplifting. It is rare, however, that we find a movie with a definite moral message without the theme of Christianity. Sony Pictures has released the true [Read On]

Review: Smoothie Bowl Recipes


200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes by Alison Lewis is a wonderful recipe book filled from front to back with recipes for the whole family to enjoy. So what IS a smoothie “bowl” you ask… A Smoothie!!! Kinda. Now, who doesn’t love a good smoothie? They’re cold, refreshing, and quick to toss together. Now take that wonderful [Read On]

Review: 200 Best Sheet Pan Meals

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As busy moms, we are always looking for ways to make our lives easier. When we come across a tool that helps us prepare healthy, easy food, while minimizing our dishes, we jump right on it! The 200 Best Sheet Pan Meals by Camilla V. Saulsbury is the perfect tool for busy families. The book is [Read On]

Review: The Complete Art & Science of Sausage Making

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You’ve heard the old saying from Otto Van Bismarck “To retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making. The making of laws, like the making of sausages, is not a pretty sight.” Well, The Complete Art & Science of Sausage Making dispels some of the myths about making sausages and teaches the reader how to make delicious, succulent [Read On]

Ozeri Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitor

Ozeri BP5K Digital Blood Press Monitor is better than ever. I have personally used many different styles and brands of blood pressure monitors. I have high blood pressure and need to monitor my blood pressure all the time.  A wrist monitor can give you an inaccurate reading if you don’t get the monitor just right. With [Read On]