Review: T-Spray for Teeth & Oral Care Spray

T-Spray for teeth and oral care

T-Spray claims to freshen breath and help with oral care by preventing stains, killing bacteria, and protecting against cavities – all to give you a whiter, brighter smile. You Can Have Fresh Breath with T-Spray, what about Oral Care? Hey everyone, Rose here again. I was asked to review the T-Spray Teeth & Oral Care Spray.  I suffer [Read On]

Review: Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag

Review: Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag

The Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag is extra wide so you can carry your mat and belongs while being stylish and at ease. The Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag has become my most favorite accessory to take with me to the gym. I have used the yoga mat straps in the past, and they are okay, but leave me [Read On]

Review: TENS Unit by Easy@Home

Tens Unit by Easy at Home

Now you can find relief with the easy@Home Electronic TENS Unit, the perfect pulse massager for those with chronic pain and nerve conditions. Hey Everyone! Rose here, with another review for you. I was asked to review this TENS Unit by Easy@Home. My dad used one back when he had shoulder surgery. I know they [Read On]

Review: Raw Spice Bar Monthly Kit Subscription

Raw Spice Bar Monthly Kit Subscription

Raw Spice Bar delivers freshly ground flavor kits for cooking global dishes. I would like to think I am a fairly good cook; however, my cooking skills have been limited to what I have been taught and a few skills I have learned over the years. I have never tried gourmet cooking or cooking other dishes [Read On]

Do you ACTUALLY know the Law of the Land? + Giveaway


As a mom it’s critical to be up to speed on US laws, especially when its mostly up to you to teach your children what’s legally okay and what’s not. It’s surprising how many people actually ask themselves “Is that actually legal?” Too often we go through our everyday lives so sure that we know [Read On]

Four Things to Know About Radon


Four Things to Know About Radon   Many people are not aware of what radon is, nor how dangerous it can be. The following are just a few important things to understand about radon and how it may affect your family. What Radon Is Radon is a naturally occurring element. For those who took chemistry [Read On]

Review: Doodling Tree Huggers Doodle Book

doodling tree huggers

Doodling tree huggers and nature lovers, or anyone who loves the idea of doodling nature, the doodling book: Doodling for Tree Huggers and Nature Lovers is a book you are going to love! I spent enough time in the the forests and deserts of Arizona as a child, it’s a wonder I do not consider myself [Read On]

Review: Doodling Triangles with 100 Things to Draw With a Triangle

doodling triangles draw trianges

Doodling Triangles becomes a lot more fun when you use the 100 Things to Draw with a Triangle Doodling Book! Remember those days at school when you or someone in your class would sit and doodle on a notebook or a piece of paper.  Most teachers would get annoyed and think the doodler wasn’t listening [Read On]

Review: Adult Coloring Book Tangled Gardens

Review: Adult Coloring Book Tangled Gardens

The adult coloring book Tangled Gardens is a great distraction from a boring day. I wanted this book because I was wondering what the big craze with adult coloring books is all about. I am still trying to figure that out as I write this review. I have never considered myself much of an artist, [Read On]

Review: Draw a Star Doodle Book

Review: Draw a Star Doodle Book

     A doodle book is a great way to enjoy drawing without having to think too much!  20 Ways to Draw a Star (and 44 other far-out wonders from he sky and galaxy) is the perfect doodle book for space lovers. This is a fun little book. Okay, little may not be the right word as it [Read On]